Freediver Supervisor Course


Are you interested in working as a Supervisor during Freediver, Intermediate, and Advanced Freediver training? Do you want to lead guided freedives for individuals and groups by shore or boat? How about lending your skills and experience as a safety freediver for world champion freedivers during competitions and record attempts?

Perhaps you just want to be more self-sufficient and responsible when freediving offshore, when and easy ambulance or paramedic support may be far away. Where can you learn these skills? What's involved in the training?

The PFA Freediver Supervisor program trains you in safety and supervision for recreational, competitive, and professional levels. This two-day program will increase your skills and confidence when:

  • Supervising students under the guidance of an instructor
  • Acting as a guide for recreational freedivers and spearfishermen
  • Serving as a primary Supervisor Freediver during world championship level competitions and record events
This course includes:

  • Hands-on advanced rescue simulations
  • Employing basic life support with full egress and evacuation management by land, sea, and air
  • Safety and supervision procedures for competitions and advanced level training programs
  • Practicing searches and evacuation for missing and/or injured freedivers
  • Student control

Is this course for you?

It is if:

  • You are certified PFI Safety Freediver
  • You are interested in learning advanced safety management for recreational freediving, PFI courses, activities, and freediving competitions
  • You are interested in participating as a professional Supervisor in PFI or PFI affiliate freediving courses, activities, or competitions
  • You are fit and in good health
Download and review the PFI medical form. If you say yes to any questions, you must get a doctor's approval to participate in the course. Contact us if you have questions about the medical form.

For this course, you must have DAN (Divers Alert Network) Dive Accident Insurance. If you do not have this already, you can sign up on the DAN website.


To earn PFI Freediver Supervisor certification, students must be able to:

  • Timed swim
  • Timed mask-fins-snorkel swim
  • Rescue with egress
  • Tread for a specific time
  • Demonstration quality skills
  • A no warm-up breath-hold
  • A no warm-up dynamic
  • Execute in accordance with PFI standards throughout all freediving and swimming capacity tests and performance


This course is taught by highly trained PFA Instructors at locations all over the world. It includes:

  • One classroom session
  • Two confined-water sessions
  • Two open-water sessions
The schedule and layout/order of these sessions vary slightly by location. The program typically runs over two days. Click the link on any course to find the exact schedule for that program.


  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • PFI Safety Freediver or higher
  • Be in good medical and physical condition and with above average swimming skills

Qualification of graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may participate as a Safety Supervisor during freediving competitions and events or as a Supervising Freediver during PFI educational programs.

Graduates are also qualified to enroll in the PFA Assistant Instructor course.

Required equipment

Students must supply:

  • Low-volume mask
  • Snorkel
  • Freediving bi-fins
  • Full wetsuit (3 mm for warm water locations; 5-7 mm for cold water locations)
  • Rubber weight belt and a small number of weights
  • Timing device and a separate freediving computer
  • PFI-issued course manual


Course fees appear on the upcoming courses section of this website.

Professional liability insurance is an extra charge for those interested in pursuing professional freediver responsibilities after receiving PFI Freediver Supervisor certification.


See our upcoming courses page for more information on when and where courses are happening. You can also contact PFA directly if you don’t see a course which fits your schedule.

Registration and payment details

To secure your spot in a course, we need to receive your registration and either a 50 percent deposit or full payment. Any outstanding course balance is due by the start of the course. See our course schedule to register.

By registering for a course, you also receive:

  • Student Starter Kit
  • Access to online portal including training tips, email access, and private PFI diving community
  • Communication with staff/instructor to answer questions ahead of time
  • Access to e-learning/pre-learning course materials
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