Private Programs


Our scheduled programs do not always work for everyone. Maybe you have a tight schedule or maybe you just have a group of good friends that want to do it together. Whatever the reason, you're in luck. PFA offers private courses at all levels.


While a private course does mean more flexibility, you must still meet course standards to take part in and complete PFA programs. When talking to our instructors, you can decide together on the best schedule for your group and the level you are interested in.


Please see the specific course page for the prerequisite details.

Qualification of Graduates

Each student will receive a PFI certification card based on the skills they complete during their program.

What to Bring

Each diver is responsible for bringing his or her own equipment. See the specific course page for details.


This will be discussed with the instructor/organizer and is based on the number of students and level of program. Besides the course fee, private groups are also responsible for taking care of the instructor's travel and accommodation costs, and the cost of classroom, pool, and boat facilities (if needed).

For more details and to set up your private course, please Contact us.

Registration and Payment Details

To secure your spot in a course, we need to receive your registration and either a 50 percent deposit or full payment. Any outstanding course balance is due by the start of the course. See our course schedule to register.

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