Mandy-Rae Krack


With seven world records and 13 Canadian national records, Mandy-Rae has been a freediving force to be reckoned with since 2000.

  • During her first year in the sport, she placed third in an AIDA international team competition and hit 136 meters in the No Limits discipline.
  • A highly motivated and determined athlete with a great sense of humor, she also scored two first-place titles with Team Canada in the AIDA World Championships.
  • After 22 years of working in the diving industry (both as a PFI Instructor and a PADI Course Director, the highest level in recreational diving), Mandy-Rae has a comprehensive understanding of the industry which informs her role as PFI's Operations Manager.
  • Onscreen, she and her husband and trainer, Kirk Krack, worked with New York magician David Blaine on his ABC special Drowned Alive and trained and assisted him in a World Record Oxygen Breath-Hold live on the Oprah show in 2008.
  • Mandy-Rae was part of the OPS Team that helped expose the slaughter of dolphins in Japan in the 2010 Academy Award-winning documentary, The Cove, and was a mermaid in the film The Mermaid Chair.
  • She has worked with GoPro for the Hero 3 camera launch and is one of the female divers in their Whale Fantasia video. The former competitive synchronized swimmer is also a proud member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.