Film and Entertainment


Here are some of the productions in which we’ve been instumental:

  • The Cove, 2009: On-screen talent (freediver) and principal underwater videographer. The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2010.
  • Racing Extinction, 2015: From the Oceanic Preservation Society and the director of The Cove. Kirk served as on-screen freediver and underwater cameraman.
  • Whale Fantasia, 2013: Served as coordinator and underwater videographer of GoPro’s award-winning short film, viewed over 3.5 million times.
  • Defending the Vandenberg, 2011: Producer and principal actor/freediver and safety coordinator.
  • Wreckage, 2014, and subsequent underwater short films by Waterborn.
  • Trained David Blaine for his 2016 Drowned Alive event and his Oxygen Breath-Hold World Record Attempt on the Oprah Show in 2008.
  • Trained actors Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson for their underwater roles in the feature film Mission: Impossible–Rogue Nation (2015), helping them achieve breath-holds over six minutes and five minutes respectively.
  • Trained actor Margot Robbie and her stunt double for their underwater roles in Suicide Squad (2016), resulting in breath-holds over five minutes.
  • Trained actors on the set of James Cameron's Avatar 2 (2020).