Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some of the most common questions students ask:

What equipment should I bring?

It’s important to come to class prepared. This includes having the right equipment.

  • The self-study material you must complete before your course begins helps explain the equipment you must have.
  • Here on our website, you will also find a list of required equipment for each course.
This list will include:

  • The right wetsuit: This means one which fits properly and whose thickness matches ambient water temperature. It also means one without any large holes or tears which let water flow in and out.
  • Freediving, long fins
  • Low-volume freediving mask
  • A weight belt with a quick-release buckle
  • Weights, preferably in one- and two-pound increments
  • Wide-bore snorkel
  • Timing device
  • A towel and water

What skills do I need to pass and graduate?

PFI has different skill standards for each course. You will find these listed on each course page. This is found by clicking here or in the in the Course Info tab at the top of the page. This will include:

  • The number at which the class will complete static breath holds
  • The maximum depth for each class
  • Safety standards and other requirements, such as gear and materials

If the weather is bad and/or the open water dives are canceled how do I complete my course?

Sometimes, weather is not in our favor. When weather or other factors force us to cancel dives, we do our best to accommodate students’ needs. We offer the option to pay US $25 to hold a spot in upcoming class if space is available. This will allow you to complete your certification.